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Correct Diagnosis Of Depression

It is all good and well to be saying that you have depression. You generally begin this self-diagnosis by professing to yourself rather distressingly that you are feeling depressed. But it is nothing of the kind. Just because you are having a bad day or your mood is at its lowest ebb does not mean that you have actual depression. Indeed, it is only after a full psychiatric evaluation and subsequent diagnosis that a patient may well be placed onto a depression treatment provo program.

But certainly, it is quite possible that a general practitioner could inform his patient that she might just have depression. But this would have to be based on years of experience in the practice, knowing and understanding the acute symptoms of depression, and there are many, because this is quite a complex illness, as well as possessing an academic but diligent knowledge of the illness. In doing so, such a general practitioner takes a correct course of action.

Given the patient’s sense of urgency, the GP may well prescribe a milder form of anti-depressants just to attempt to stabilize her. Anything stronger may well produce counter but negative effects. And in any event, such a practitioner is not legally authorised to make such prescriptions. But more important is this. The ethical practitioner will make recommendations of which clinical psychiatrist to go and see at the earliest opportunity.

depression treatment provo

And if the patient’s condition is critical, he may well contact the psychiatrist with immediate effect. That way, the psychiatrist can prepare herself, clear her schedule because first-time patients should always be given priority. At the end of the day, it is left to a clinical and practising psychiatrist to make an authorised diagnosis as to whether the patient is suffering from depression or not.

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